Pastomaster RTX

Pastomaster RTX

The PASTOMASTER RTX prepares, homogenizes*, pasteurizes, ages and transfers the frozen dessert mixes, keeping a record of every step through each cycle.
The dry HEATING and COOLING system prevents scaling and maintains thermal efficiency, guaranteeing perfect pasteurization.


This unit has 16 exclusive programs for the production of many gourmet specialties in addition to ice cream and gelato. It has 5 mixing speeds to amalgamate any type of mix and is the top-selling professional mix treatment machine within the gourmet gelato industry.


This unit is the ideal mix treatment solution for major ice-cream parlors and large wholesale operations that supply multiple points of sale. It features low homogenization*, 5 mixing speeds, 7 treatment programs and a refrigerated extraction spigot.

*The very close tolerance between the cylinder and the exchange pump beater, along with the 5 beater speeds, exert high osmotic pressure in the fat particles, reaching levels of low homogenization.

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