New Classic

A classic dynamic design, that offers a perfect balance of beauty and elegance. The New Classic system is the result of a design process that blends classic aesthetics with the demand for a simplified and minimalist style, providing for an elegant and inviting atmosphere. The New Classic system allows for the creation of new and engaging architectural scenarios, which will enchant visitors with their passionate designs.

Includes full installation and assembly.

  • CO2 refrigeration systems (only available for the refrigerated display cabinets) and extra high-density CO2-blown polyurethane foam isolation. The system guarantees maximum power and reliability, as well as optimal energy consumption, with no harmful emissions.
  • Ample work surfaces and high-tech suspended elements allow for the products to be displayed in a rational manner, while streamlining customer service operations.
  • Mixing bar, the cup preparation module and the cocktail station can all be integrated into the furnishings, along with practical and ergonomic work areas, built in full compliance with the current workplace health and safety standards.
  • The system’s panoramic refrigerated display cabinets offer better visibility and flexibility, as well as independent electronic management. Improved performance is guaranteed thanks to the longitudinal ventilated refrigeration system, which offers reduced cooling times, with uniform temperatures, throughout the display cabinet.

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