Cristalbar is an innovative modular system that allows you to customise your premises the way you want, including counters, bar stations, chilled display cabinets, wall coverings, shelving and panels. A complete series of modular units for countless furnishing and display solutions.ion of any establishment, with counters, back counter plug-ins, refrigerated display cases, wall coverings, shelves and panels.

Includes full installation and assembly.

  • Look into my eyes: a vertical display on two different levels that remain at eye
    level, to capture attention effectively.
  • Appeal with no barriers: basins are at floor level, only glass separates the customer
    from the product. No barrier or element of disturbance; a display with great
  • The drawer of wonders: a wealth of solutions including a display cabinet with
    drawers, perfect for those with limited space wishing to display a rich variety of
  • A little work of art: displays may also be a showcase. Thus the smaller size of the
    display area transforms a limitation into a strength by focussing attention on the
  • Luscious ice cream: the rediscovery of ice cream served from individual covered
    wells. A return to childhood and tradition. A distinguishing feature, reinterpreted
    with a modern feel.

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