An integrator with vegetable fibres, but without sugars (sweetened with fructose), fats and milk derivatives. It increases the intensity and the stability of sorbets. It slows down dripping and prevents from the formation of ice crystals. Suitable either for fruit sorbets (also when combined with Integra Frutta) or to enrich milk based gelato.

A fat integrator similar to Integra Panna as regards the results and features, but without any milk derivatives and therefore ideal when added to fruit sorbets or milk-free products (vegetable gelato). 

A protein integrator used to make the gelato “warmer”, thanks to a longer dripping time, and also longer lasting in the shop showcases. Hot and cold soluble.

A fat integrator used to improve the texture and stability of gelato (e.g. ideal for table service). It helps the high display of gelato combined with its “classical” bases. It also corrects the “softness” of some flavors such as zabaglione, rum & raisins, tiramisù, cassata…

A reducing, sugar-based liquid integrator. It improves the texture and the spoonable features of the gelato as well as its long lasting features. Completely soluble at low temperature, it’s the optimal sugar mix to obtain a higher silkiness for some gelato flavours.

A Low dosage emulsifier in paste, ideal in cold processes. When added to sorbets or gelato with a few fats (including the products for soft machines such as vanilla, chocolate and yoghurt), it increases the gelato volume and its spoonable features.

Fully natural liquid sugar syrup for a best dispersion in mixtures even if cold. Its addition to the mixture makes the gelato creamy and workable with spatula or scoop, delaying its recrystallization and giving the gelato a slight fruity aftertaste enhancing the other added flavours.

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