LB-202 Batch Freezer

LB-202 Batch Freezer

This machine is a true, pure-bred Gelato Batch Freezer.

Exceptional versatility, allowing you to make gourmet gelato, ice cream, sorbet, sherbet, water ice and more, and the possibility of making batches as small as 1/3 of capacity, without compromising quality – thanks to the patented Hard-O-Dynamic technology, that incorporates Hot Gas technology, and yields consistent finished product, batch after batch!

  • Hard-O-Dynamic technology
  • Features the latest in state-of-the-art Batch Freezer technology, giving you even more flexibility than earlier models.
  • The LB-202 G RTX's power consumption is among the lowest in the industry.

Operation: Fully automatic
Cylinder Size: 10 quarts

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