Gelato Supershow

The GELATOSUPERSHOW represents the evolution of ISA’s GelatoShow model. This innovative model provides for new and updated standards with respect to the generic features that have rendered the previous version so popular. Thanks to its superior and elegant design, the Supershow display cabinet will not go unnoticed: its marked and decisive contours render it more edgy and unique with respect to other models currently available on the market. The basic elements that characterize the Supershow model are its high-quality materials, its refined colours and the attention that is dedicated to even the smallest details.

  • Unprecedented energy efficiency, with the use of CO2 as a blowing agent for its injected polyurethane thermal insulation.
  • More powerful and exceptionally silent compressors, as well as the dual airflow that’s used to regulate its temperature equalization, the Gelatosupershow offers impeccable ice cream preservation.
  • Available in three different heights, the Gelatosupershow represents a combination of technical modules of various sizes and types for ice cream shops and pastry shops, and is capable of rendering any locale original and unique.

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