Frozen Yo+
The traditional frozen yogurt, with its fresh taste, fat-free, to be diluted in fresh milk, and fresh yogurt if you like to add probiotics and extra taste.

Frozen Yo+
Frozen Yo+ is available in W (water) version to dilute with water and yogurt to obtain frozen yogurt at a lower cost.

Frozen Yo+

Highly creamy and solid yoghurt that can be used to produce trays, sticks, cakes and biscuits; perfect for take away too.

Frozen Yo+
All Natural: no thickeners, emulsifying agents and saccharose, sweetened with fructose. Fresh and creamy with the same dilution as the Classic version.

Frozen Yo+
The first yogurt with no added sugars. Frozen Yo+ STV is sweetened with all natural stevia. Low calorie and high in fibre.  

Frozen Yo+
Without lactose as the fresh yoghurt. Suitable for an attentive diet, but as much tasty as the classic version.

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