Located just outside Milan, Comprital a producer of semi ready ingredients for gelato and pastry. When we were looking for an ingredient supplier we saw Comprital’s commitment to quality, service, and excellence matched our own. This is not the only thing we shared in common. The companies were founded only a year apart and both run as family businesses to this day. Comprital’s founder Gianni Osti had the idea to innovate the gelato industry by establishing a company which wasn’t based on sales, but on its ideas, innovation and passion. Today, after thirty years, as President of the company, together with his sons Fabrizio and Francesco, Gianni Osti is still one of the major innovators in the industry. And every day, he says: you haven’t still seen anything, we are still at the beginning.


Comprital’s motto is Innovators of tradition;and rightly so. At the heart of the company’s success is its R&D department. The research and innovation of their team of young and motivated food technologists working under Fabrizio Osti has solidified Comprital’s position as the industry leader. Working out of their 3500 sq. ft laboratory just East of Milan his team works day after day creating ingredients for an increasingly amazing gelato, fresh and targeted to the taste and heart of new consumers around the world.


Comprital is located in Settala, a small Italian town in the Lombardy region, about 15 kilometres east of Milan.. The town has about 6,000 residents is a comune in the Province of Milan. In there 10,000 square foot facility they do all their production, R&D, and offer the finest courses in Gelato & Pastry making at the Atheneum.


The trainers of athenaeum are Gelato masters & champions recruited from the best international competitions. The quality of our courses resides in their talent, expreience, and passion, as well as in the balance between their love for tradition and their innovative attitude.


Quality resides in our values. Perhaps all that was expected and confirmed by everybody. We wanted its certification through the most difficult path: surely the path accepted and recognised all over the world. The British Retail Certificate (BRC) is an exclusive food safety standard, whilst other standards (for example ISO) are applicable to any possible corporate. That’s a state of mind and ethics and not only a range of rules to follow. Once joined BRC’s guidelines, you can clearly and more critically see every detail, because the best has no limits. The corporate quality grows together with the quality of people working there, their critical and constructive approach, their love in making the core of the most tasteful Italian product in the world.

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